Emisar DT8 Dual Quad 18650 LED Flashlight


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Warning: Output will be dependent on cell model (incl.age) and temperature.

Emisar DT8 puts a high lumen output but generates a lot of heat at the same time, please acknowledge before purchasing.


High drain, flat top, unprotected battery required. (not included in the price)

Each DT8 is tested before shipping, please DO NOT apply extra force to the screws in the head.


• 9A constant current + FET (non FET for the E21A version)

• Latest Anduril 2 firmware

• Efficient UK made Carclo Quad LED optics. ( SST-20 and XP-L HI versions use clear optics, Nichia E21A version uses frosted optics.

• CNC machined from Aluminum & Stainless steel.

• Anti-reflective coated glass lens

• Unihead construction

• High lumen output

• Ramping interface

• Electronic soft touch switch

• Beryllium-Copper springs with 45% IACS superior to stainless steel alloys used for springs with only 2% IACS.

• Temperature step-down

• Waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standard (up to 1 meter)

• Default 18650 body with optional 18350 battery tube

• Dimensions: 97mm(length) * 27*45.8mm (head) * 24mm(body), 67mm(length 18350)

• Weight: 100g


OTF lumen output and candela at start-up:

XP-L HI: 6700lm (35,000 cd)

SST-20 6500K / 5000K: 6500lm (45,000 cd)

SST-20 4000K/3000K 95CRI: 4600lm (32,000 cd)

Nichia E21A version: 1800lm


This product uses free software distributed under the terms of the GPLv3.

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